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3/26/2015  Thank you for making the effort and planting the seeds of a countervailing movement against media and public reveling in the personalities of tragic figures who see notoriety as an alternative to social marginalization. This is a very complex problem, and solutions are generally very complicated. But your efforts have pin-pointed very low cost very reasonable actions that concerned citizens can take right now. The event that “inspired” me to visit your website was an NPR report on recent mass killings in Tunisia that reported “ISIS has not taken credit”. The solution to this kind of gratuitous free publicity is very much within the scope of what you are requesting: reasonable reflection and restraint. This has nothing to do with self-censorship. All we are asking for is editors who have enough awareness to recognize and pull back on gratuitous PR for notorious individuals and groups.

3/24/2015 I agree and support this idea and/or campaign to the “Nth degree”.

3/23/2015 I strongly agree with the mission of No Notoriety. I hope the media stops gratuitously using the names and photos of perpetrators of mass shootings, denying them the notoriety that is the driving force for their crimes. The media should simply use the phrase “the shooter” in place of the name. Let’s focus on remembering the victims, not the perps.

2/27/2015  Was informed of the site thru National Public Broadcast here in Nashville. I voted in the poll before I read thru-out the site. My vote was UNSURE. I will keep checking back for new context….really fortunate to have this education for all to read. I appreciate the views….I am leaning toward the no notoriety. I agree totally, but my other half is CURIOUS. which is almost embarrassing to admit, especially under tragic situations. However, I am a violent crime survivor, so these situations are not a one way all the time for each crime Thank you for letting me voice my opinion. And may God Bless you. (1 0f 2 comments)  As I continue to browse the site, the thought occurred to me, what is wrong with getting the details out of what kind of a wack the person is and his social skills ,family blah blah blah that would fill the curiousity appetite but yet have no name at all. Might be something unusual to explore and hell, it might help. Thanks again! This is (2 of 2 comments.)

2/18/2015  This is a movement that is long overdue. My mother used to talk about this idea years ago, before mass killings became an epidemic. I just sent out an email to 10 friends with your URL and a brief explanation and asked them to go to your Web site and pass the information on. Thank you so much for channeling your grief into this important cause; many lives will be saved when this takes hold. I have to believe it will.

2/14/2015  Thank you so much for having the courage after all you have been through to challenge the media machine to not sensationalize these tragedies. God bless you and give you the strength to keep fighting the good fight! I have been saying this for years that the media’s overly zealous coverage of these people is what causes it to continue happening. Thank you

2/6/2015  Nothing is more painful for a victim than to see the killers face. How can ignorance on the part of the media be okay, to allow the victims to suffer even further. When discussing the story, do not show the killers face, period.

2/5/2015  NO NOTORIETY!!! Couldn’t agree more!!!

2/3/2015  After listening to your interview on NPR’s “On the Media” over the weekend, we must say we support the guidelines you developed for journalists. You see, our company publishes two sites, including one on music. So what does a music site have to do with what you’re trying to accomplish? Well, about a year ago we published an article on songs that refer to killers in the lyrics. We made a conscious decision then to not mention said criminals by name (except for historical figures like Al Capone). We weren’t trying to be coy; we just felt they don’t need any more PR from us.

2/2/2015  I’m a journalist and fully support the No Notoriety campaign. Years ago, when mass shootings were a rarity in the U.S., I would have reported every fact about the story, but today – this kind of reporting encourages copycat behavior by criminals who all appear to have similar profiles. At this point, I would think common sense dictates that releasing the name of the shooter offers no benefit to the public (unless the shooter is an established public figure). I’d be curious to know what other journalists think.

2/2/2015  I applaud and support your efforts and will do whatever I can to promote this campaign through my channels. I also mourn your loss and celebrate your bravery in speaking up, as you did with the host of On the Media this morning. Bravo.

2/1/2015  I’m a journalist and fully support the No Notoriety campaign. Years ago, when mass shootings were a rarity in the U.S., I would have reported every fact about the story, but today – this kind of reporting encourages copycat behavior by criminals who all appear to have similar profiles. At this point, I would think common sense dictates that releasing the name of the shooter offers no benefit to the public (unless the shooter is an established public figure)….

2/1/2015  As an arts blogger I am hardly a major media outlet, but I applaud and support your efforts and will do whatever I can to promote this campaign through my channels. I also mourn your loss and celebrate your bravery in speaking up, as you did with the host of On the Media this morning. Bravo.

2/1/2015  Thank you for speaking out about media coverage of perpetrators. As you say, copy cats crave the spotlight and that can lead to further tragedies. I have thought for some time that the media should lay off terrorist groups too. Al Qaeda, ISIS, etc. wouldn’t be able to recruit so easily if no one heard their names. Some people need to know what is going on with such groups, namely those who are directly threatened ( which the CIA should know) and those whose family member is being held hostage or has been recruited. Otherwise, ignore them. They might not go away, but I think all the coverage is enabling their schemes.

2/1/2015  I applaud your efforts and have written letters to the editor of the San Antonio Express-News regarding this over and over – (see example below about Ft. Hood shooter) . . . Keep up your valiant efforts! I am not a facebook subscriber but will announce your cause to all who can hear! I am a teacher of U.S. History to Juniors in High School so my voice carries far and wide! Thank you! Dear Editor, I am disappointed to see, on the front page of the Express-News Monday 11/9, the picture of the “alleged shooter” of our fallen heroes. Where are the pictures of the wounded, fallen? Their faces are the ones I want to see. Please do not honor someone who assaulted our soldiers at their home – this only gives those who want fame another idea or avenue to get publicity.

2/1/2015  Words cannot express my sorrow for your lose of Alex and too many others. I [heard] about you on “One the Media”. No Notoriety is an idea whose time has come.

2/1/2015 I heard your interview on On the Media on NPR. Bravo! I have long been horrified that the “glory” given to these megalomaniacs is disgusting and prurient. Most of these murderers seek this kind of perverted attention because their own lives are so empty. I suggest the ultimate punishment for them: lock them up, give them a number, and never mention their names again!

2/1/2015 I totally agree . . . and from my position, any media outlet, station, program, talkshow host, etc that promotes, publishes, or ids the individuals who commit these mass shootings, need to be held legally and crimminally accountable for their reckless and self serving actions . . . to increase their newsprint, air time, celebrity status, and ratings. I am “the People” and I for one “Don’t need or want to know” as People Magazine pushes as part of the marketing scheme. It is time we demand that our news reporting and reporters be held to much high standard.

2/1/2015 I just heard Tom on NPR. While I deeply regret his loss, as a mom and a citizen I cannot praise and appreciate this “No Notoriety” endeavor more. Please let me know what I can do to support this effort. I already boycott TV more than most. Thanks to all of you involved in this effort!

2/1/2015  Heard a radio interview yesterday here in Ct. Sounds like a very sensible idea.I hope this policy is adopted by the media.  I’m in complete agreement that there is far too much aggrandizement of perpetrators of heinous crimes which contributes to “copy cat” behavior.

2/1/2015 It seems to me that media promulgation of identity indicators (name, address, photo, etc.) also interferes with successful prosecution of perpetrators, should they survive. This is contrary to the public interest for obvious reasons…

1/31/2015 Thank you so much for your work in this area. It is long overdue, both for your area of concentration and for acts of terrorism. Preventing these sick people from being in the spotlight is a form of defense against their acts. It is exactly what they want and the fact that corporate news ratings are more important than people’s lives is more offensive than I can express in words. I heard your interview on public radio today and when the interviewer named the 5 areas of reporting, my answer would be that is is time to change our view and embrace responsibility, just like you suggested. It is like the definition of insanity – when we keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. You said that your ship had sailed, but perhaps your son created an opportunity for you to keep many other sons and daughters in port. I wish you the best of luck.

1/31/2015 I just listened to your interview on NPR today and completely agree. As long as the media continues to offer enormous amounts of notoriety from these tragic events, It appears to me that it acts as some sort of perverse positive reinforcement for others.

1/31/2015 I just heard your interview on NPR this morning (Jan 31, 2015) and I totally agree with you and with the tenants of this effort. I distinctly remember when I first heard about and saw the picture of the Aurora theater shooter I thought that he was getting exactly what he wanted – attention (note the smirk on his face immediately after the shooting)

1/31/2015 I heard an interview with (Tom Teves) on NPR last night. I was very impressed by his thoughtful and respectful comments. I fully support the idea and will pass this along to all my family and friends.

1/28/2015  I fully support this!!! You should ask the media why they will show the shooters’ pictures non-stop because they say it’s “news worthy” but won’t show offensive cartoons. It’s absolutely hypocritical .

1/28/2015  PLEASE we need a change let the victims voices be heard

1/27/2015  I SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE 110%. I saw you on CNN this past weekend and truly appreciate your courage and efforts. The media really needs to think and listen to you ! I especially loved your question “do you want to be Walter Conkrite or TMZ ?” … I am outraged when the media mindlessly reports about criminals as “this gentleman.” … Wishing you success in this effort and easier days ahead.

1/27/2015 The “Media Shame List” is a brilliant idea. Also, how about convincing everybody to switch channels anytime they see offending images: that means lower ratings, and advertisers don’t like lower ratings. I have been on this case for years. Good luck for a very worthy cause.  And THANKS!

1/25/2015  Where can I get a button?

1/25/2015  Hi, I watch Reliable Sources weekly (almost always the same day after recording it.) How and why the football controversy (with my home team, no less) was presented earlier in the broadcast speaks volumes to the “Do you want to be Walter Cronkite, or do you want to be TMZ?” assertion. I believe their producer opted for the latter. CNN has No Notoriety at the top of their topic list on the Reliable Sources blog (http://reliablesources.blogs.cnn.com), but I wonder if that’s how the list looked at the start of the day, today. I agree with your point of view, and I’ll boycott media that don’t adhere to it. I also respect the fact that you have a website up that is about changing behavior (in corporate media no less) and you don’t have a Donation link. That also speaks volumes for your commitment and your honesty.

1/25/2015  The news frenzy to cover these events gives these sad individuals what they seek. The reporters give anyone the opportunity to get national attention. Buy a gun or make a bomb, kill a bunch of people and the network news will tell your life story to the world over and over.

1/25/2015  I just typed in the search tag of no notoriety and there is a newswoman reporting on the requests of the parents for no notoriety for this scum and during the entire read, SHE HAD THE SCUM’S PHOTO right behind her, larger than life. Of course I wrote to that station,stating their obvious disregard for the very basis of their news story was appalling. If you , the media, will not start acting responsibly, the public should start airing their views on the no notoriety subject and the callousness of the news show that are guilty, to the real people that matter—the sponsors.

1/25/2015 Powerful CNN interview with you guys! Thx. Your message about not turning news about mass shootings into 24/7 entertainment is key. I would love to make a YouTube contrasting the sensationalist Ashley Banfield-style “reporting” with a straight-forward BBC style of news reporting that would be appropriate after a shooting.

1/25/2015 To you brave parents, so very sorry for your loss. The continuous loop reporting of mass shootings and terrorist attacks perpetuates the violence and is done for no other reason than ratings and revenue. If they stopped covering Isis, YouTube films of murdered journalists would go away. But instead, we need to see footage every half hour showing events leading right up to the beheading. Isis keeps getting the coverage, so they continue killing. I just watched the piece you did on CNN, and as I write they are now covering the movie glorifying an American military sniper. Sadly killing sells

1/25/2015 Not only do the shooters benefit but the media is ruthless in forgetting that their stories and photos will be etched in the minds of parents and loved ones the victims left behind forever. I know from the news coverage of my 13 year old sons death when he got hit by a car and the next day the local newspaper had a picture of the EMS responders holding the back board and POSING for a picture and my sons body on the ground covered by a blanket. It happened in 1991 and I am still traumatized with that image. I am so sorry for all of your losses. I know grief. May God comfort all of you and carry you and give you peace.

1/25/2015  Just saw your piece on CNN and couldn’t help but rise from seat and applaud!

1/25/2015  I am watching you on CNN and my husband and I have felt this way for years! My heart goes out to you, the parents of the murdered children! You are 100% correct! These creeps do not deserve one second of commentary, photographs or mention of any kind whatsoever! While I have never had to go through what you are experiencing, I sincerely hope the jaded media will take you seriously and stop giving notoriety to these horrible nobodies once and for all! You are in my thoughts and prayers as you go forward…..

1/21/2015  You are right. We have been saying this for years. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman has been preaching it for over a decade. Congratulations on moving this to mainstream conversation. Keep up the great work and good luck.

1/21/2015 Finally, something that might have an effect on limiting these mass killings. Done with gun or other instrument they thrive on media attention. Newscasters are even as bold to state they should not be giving out the names of these monsters yet they still do.

1/20/2015 no notoriety. Stop media from making these people infamous

1/17/2015 Keep “the shooter” as little known as possible.

1/16/2015 No names. No images. #nonotoriety.

1/16/2015 There can be no good on reporting on such people and giving them what they want, fame! Ridiculous and only leads to a greater spread of evil and copycats.

1/16/2015 In loving memory of my Dad, who was murdered at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999

1/16/2015 Please honor the memory of the victims and support this movement.

1/16/2015 Please don’t allow your coverage to embolden someone else who wants to get his name on the news!

1/16/2015 Publicity feeds the disease. Please don’t give it to them.

1/16/2015  Show compassion over ratings and sensationalism. You could help stop the next potential copy cat.

1/16/2015  This guy has had enough notoriety. He needs to be “the shooter”, and nothing more.

1/16/2015 Media responsibility- no notoriety for mass murdering scum.

1/16/2015 Please don’t give the shooter any attention.