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Mass shooting victims, survivors and family members. Parents, family members, victims and survivors from mass shootings and additional acts of fame driven violence call for media responsibility. 


 The International Police Association (IPA) proudly supports the efforts of No Notoriety. The IPA is the largest & oldest worldwide fraternal police organization and is over 400,000 members strong, consisting of active and retired law enforcement personnel.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.37.02 AMThe Major Cities Chiefs (MCC) has adopted a No Notoriety policy regarding News Media Coverage Of Mass Shootings. MCC is a professional organization of police executives representing the largest cities in the United States and Canada. Document

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.45.32 AMPEOPLE Magazine, under direction of Editor Jess Cagle becomes first major magazine publication to adopt a no notoriety policy.  Related article.

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FL Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) approves official support of No Notoriety.                                                            Document

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International Association Of Chiefs Of Police (IACP) The International Association of Chiefs of Police requests that in an effort to reduce future tragedies, we request responsible media coverage for the sake of public safety when reporting on individuals who commit or attempt acts of rampage mass violence thereby depriving violent like-minded individuals the media celebrity and media spotlight they so crave.  Document


Rabbis Against Gun Violence. We are a national grassroots coalition of Jewish American leaders & faith activists mobilized to curb the gun violence epidemic plaguing our communities.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 12.55.38 PMNo Notoriety is working alongside The Don’t Name Them Campaign, Developed by the Alerrt™ Center at Texas State University.  Don’t Name Them is a coordinated effort by the ALERRT Center at Texas State University, the I Love U Guys Foundation (founded by John-Michael and Ellen Keyes), and the FBI.