YOUR VOICE IS CRUCIAL.  The NoNotoriety campaign continues to receive an overwhelming positive response. The most common question is, “How can we help?”  These simple steps help make a big difference.

ACT : Every single voice counts. Become part of the choir.

FOLLOW  NoNotoriety on Facebook and Twitter.  #NoNotoriety

INVITE  others to follow and share content often. Social media will act as our command center for unified public calls to action as well as a news source.

PARTICIPATE in NoNotoriety’s unified public calls to action urging the media to adopt a No Notoriety police in it’s reporting for the sake of public safety. It’s as easy as sending a tweet, posting on Facebook, sending an email or making a quick call.

CONTACT and CHALLENGE your local and national media sources i.e. newspapers, magazines, TV/Cable networks and/or radio stations to adopt a No Notoriety policy:

  • direct media sources to and strongly urging them to take the NoNotoriety Challenge

  • adopt an editorial NoNotoriety policy when covering individuals who commit acts of rampage mass violence

  • encouraging the media to shift the focus toward the victims and heroes, not their killer

  • share your personal call to action on social media and ask other to join

  • develop a letter to the editor

  •  give praise to media sources on a job well done

  • include hashtag #NoNotoriety on all social media interactions

SHARE : Stories and links from the following content on our website.


  • No Notoriety Awareness Stickers available HERE