How you can help

YOUR VOICE IS CRUCIAL.  The NoNotoriety campaign continues to receive an overwhelming positive response. The most common question is, “How can we help?”  These simple steps help make a big difference.

ACT : Every single voice counts. Become part of the choir of voices demanding change.

CONTACT and CHALLENGE your local and national media sources i.e. newspapers, magazines, TV/Cable networks and/or radio stations to adopt a No Notoriety policy:

  • direct media sources to and strongly urging them to follow the No Notoriety Media Protocol.

  • urge media source to adopt an No Notoriety editorial policy when covering individuals who commit acts of rampage mass violence

  • encourage the media to shift the focus toward the victims, survivors and heroes, not their killer

  • share your personal call to action on social media and ask other to join

  • develop a letter to the editor

  •  give praise to media sources on a job well done

  • include hashtag #nonotoriety on all social media interactions

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